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This stunning and inspirational Company Logo was developed by Naomi Baker of Intuitive Creative via an intuitive soul energy, joint meditative process, Naomi Baker was able to connect with my personal soul energy, and then produce this artistic representation of what she saw, and it has been explained by her, in her words, as follows:

The design is all about the Goddess, mother earth and mother moon, the bird/freedom and liberation, the heart of the earth mother and the spiritual mother holding the earth and the essence of life in her breast and her heart holding the love to spread and weave a light of healing and love throughout the planet. The love of soul and spirit weaves from the heart and into the world. It is very earthy although very pure and light in colour.

I feel to express to you that although I feel your connection with the earth, it does not have to be represented in the denser earth colours such as brown and darker green. The colours that have come through for you represent the soft, gentle nature of the true power of healing through the essence of unconditional love. The weaving of the light is like you are threading the light through your energy field. The light energy is clean. The heart is obvious and your working from the heart and within the heart the essence and colours of your soul are shining through and in connection with your purpose to work with the mother earth and moon you are supported by the elements and your connection with mother moon and mother earth.

Although the feminine power is obvious the balance of the masculine and feminine is here as the light shines through the top centre of the heart which is the balance of both. The colours are not gender related. The image can be a story that shows your heart energy healing through love, in connection with the divine and embracing the person or the earth. The bird flying representing peace, serenity and freedom.

The design reflects your potential so will reveal and express your soul and how you can serve now and in years to come. It is not a design that shows what you have done or can do through training or applying knowledge or learning about who you really are.

In your case, I see this symbol represents your connection with mother earth, the divine feminine, the source of evolution and your ability to heal through weaving the light of love and intention to access your pure consciousness to serve.

The imagery reveals simplicity, purity, lightness and is deeply feminine. At the same time it represents the mother and her gifts to humanity, the flame of love that I see as violet, pink, gold and coral.

The following colours are within the design. Gold, yellow, pink, violet, orange, coral, turquoise, green, blue, indigo, silver and white. You are accessing divine wisdom.

The turquoise is about your pure expression and creative energy.
The orange representing your creativity and the way you help women to heal certain issues and express their power and Goddess energy.
The outline/glow is green for healing.
Some colours may not be obvious to the eye however were applied within the layers of the artwork.
The gold represents the golden age and the yellow is your purpose to empower.

The artwork is felt through the senses more than understood logically. The meanings are obvious to me as they were presented as I was tuning in.

I feel Mother Mary’s energy with you. You have a strong purpose with women and awakening women to embrace their own divine feminine power. You do this through gentleness and compassion. I see that you are very powerful and a very good healer.

Other meanings that came through in the meditation:
Bird/flight, infinity, you are helping clients to transform and activate dna, wind/air element, spirit/fire element, water element, flow, peace/tranquility.The first thing that came through was the bird in flight and the moon energy.

You will find your own meanings within this design and what resonates with you now. More will be obvious later.

For more information about Naomi Baker please refer to her website at:

Yellow Version:

The yellow version is the original and reflects Robynne's soul spirit energy in alignment with your gifts and purpose. It also reflects assisting clients with their personal empowerment and self esteem.

Green Version:
The green version reflects Robynne's business aspect as well. It is a new/more earth grounded version which is about abundance from nature in terms of love and oneness from an earthly perspective. Giving unconditionally and allowing abundance to come through in support of mother earth / connection with the earth and the support and richness of life that naturally grows, sustains and nourishes.

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